translated from Spanish: Lazan Ylotl’s Roxan line with high-quality products to combat signs of age

Morelia, Michoacán.- With the aim of offering morelians a healthy option with high quality and fair price natural products, comes to Morelia Ylotl a hundred percent Mexican company originating in Pachuca Hidalgo.
“The products we offer are one hundred percent natural, made with flowers and plants free of pesticides, so they are one hundred percent reliable,” said its creator Roberto Xavier Sánchez Ortega.
During the presentation of the Roxan line itself that offers a cream, a serum and a red wine soap Raúl Estrada López, assistant manager of the brand explained that these products can compete with large brands offering favorable results against the signs of age, as long as the users are constant with their use, and without affecting their pocket, since every woman can have the opportunity to take care of her skin.
It should be noted that most of the attendees of the event are already users of these products and commented that they are very satisfied with the result.
Opening the market
Raúl Estrada noted that soon they will be visiting the city of Uruapan to also introduce the Uruapenses to the variety of Yolotl products and the new Roxan anti-wrinkle line. He also talked about the search for distributors so those who are interested please contact the numbers 4431824272 and 7717053412 and on social networks like facebook and instagram look for Spacio Yolotl Ssui Generis or Generis/
Where they can also make an appointment to request a decontracting massage, facials and botox application which are the other services they offer for personal care.
Christmas packages
Roberto Sánchez pointed out that they also have seasonal products such as soaps with delicious aroma in the form of Christmas Eve flower and sheep from abundance, which also serve to moisturize the skin in addition to protecting it from damage caused by cold and dryness.
Other packages that can be given as a gift this season are the varied soaps that the brand offers, from soft exfoliants such as oats and chamomile, to severe acne sulfur and lavender soap, bicarbonate and pineapple soap that balances the ph of the skin, honey that is moisturizing and antiseptic., that of activated charcoal in its presentation to stop hair loss and another for face and body that helps eliminate impurities.
Other products that the brand has are relaxing chaltes to fall asleep and have a better rest.

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