translated from Spanish: Pfizer to send 1.6 million doses in first quarter 2021 to Chile

Pfizer will deliver to Chile, during the first quarter of 2021, 1.6 million doses of its Covid-19 vaccine, out of a total of 10.1 million committed. According to El Mercurio, after this first delivery, 550 thousand vaccines per month will arrive in the country, so all doses will take about 15 months to reach the national territory. Health Minister Enrique Paris detailed to the morning that «we are going to vaccinate health professionals first, especially on the front line to those who work in emergency.» In addition, he explained that «as the Pfizer vaccine has certain restrictions on air transfer, we are considering vaccinating in the Metropolitan Region and two other regions of Chile, which are not yet fully defined.» From the Advisory Committee on Vaccines and Immunizations of the Ministry of Health (Cavei), they recommended that President Sebastián Piñera divide into three groups the people who will receive the vaccine. The first includes health officials, government, armed forces, Law and Security Forces, Gendarmerie, Firefighters and persons deprived of their liberty. In the second group, there are critical personnel of ministries, judiciary, legislative power, regional governments, municipalities, basic services and transport workers. In the last group, there are public officials, kindergarten staff, teachers and people over the age of 18 without chronic diseases.

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