translated from Spanish: Retirement Mobility: Government to amend bill

The President of the Nation, Alberto Fernández, will amend the Retirement Mobility Bill, which will begin to be discussed in the Senate, so that the planned increases are quarterly, so that there will be four increments per year. The representative decided to take the suggestions made by the front senators bloc of all to the Minister of Labour, Claudio Moroni, and to the holder of the Anses, Fernanda Raverta.La resolution seeks to incorporate in this way the months of January, February and March, which were outside the update because the formula of the previous Government was approved in December 2017 , but began governing in March 2018.

After meeting with Moroni and Raverta, who were transferred the proposal of the official senators, the President decided to work on the proposal for quarterly increases. In addition, banking by the De Todos front prompted that the recently granted 5% project increase would not be accounted for the increase to be granted next March. The senators decided in a block meeting to amend section 6 of the Retirement Mobility Act, so that the recently granted 5% increase will not be on account of next March but will be in addition to that increase.

The bill, sent to Congress last week by the Executive Branch, modifies the retirement mobility index, drawn up on the basis of the work of a joint commission, and will begin to be used since 2021, when the current emergency period in this area expires. The text was conceived on the basis of the 131-page proposal raised by that committee, created on the basis of Law 27,541 on Social Solidarity and composed of 17 members – legislators of officialism and opposition and national officials – whose work consisted of 17 meetings in which 24 exhibitors were received.

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