translated from Spanish: Bob Dylan launches sessions with George Harrison

Bob Dylan fans were surprised when, surprisingly, a collection of musician’s three albums went on sale. The compilation contains songs recorded in 1970 and includes musical sessions between Dylan and formerBeatle George Harrison.” This release is strictly limited to 1 unit per customer,” says the announcement of Badlands, the store in charge of the special sale. According to the portal, the collection is called “Bob Dylan – 50th Anniversay Collection 1970” and it’s an “extremely limited release that we know will sell out instantly.” And the store’s sayings were fulfilled, as the number of copies sold out in minutes. The compilation is born due to a European law that stipulates that if the copyright holder of any recording does not officially publish his work, the songs must enter the public domain 50 years after their recording. That’s why the team released this collection that includes Dylan and Harrison’s competing session in May 1970, where they improvise different tracks, as well as other recordings of sessions for the 50th-year-old studio album “New Morning”. The material has been circulating illegally for years and the set promises this higher quality content.

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