translated from Spanish: Francisco Herrera Gaona, one of the most sought after fugitives, arrived in Chile after being extradited from Brazil

Detectives from Interpol Chile transferred Francisco Herrera Gaona from Brazil, wanted for their alleged responsibility for the robbery of a branch of BancoEstado in Algarrobo, in 2005, where he died a security guard. The sub-prefect Maximilian Mac-Namara, Head of Interpol, detailed that the subject was transferred yesterday afternoon from Brazil, following a request for extradition from the Court of Appeals of Valparaiso.Mac-Namara detailed that Herrera Gaona escaped from the country by an unsused step, after the IPO Homicide Brigade identified him as one of the alleged perpetrators of the crime recorded in 2005 in Algarrobo.The individual arrived in Brazil. , where he pretended to be a Bolivian citizen, committing various crimes, for which he was arrested on several occasions. Finally, he was arrested in October last year and extradited to our country yesterday. Mac-Namara argued that the process was delayed due to the difficulties that the pandemic has created globally. The individual was formalized this day for the crime of robbery with murder and was remedied. The court delivered a period of 90 days for the investigation.

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