translated from Spanish: Matías Martin announced the end of «Enough of Everything» after 20 years on the air

This Friday, journalist Matías Martin announced Basta’s unexpected end to everything, a radio show that has been on the air for two decades.» The last show will be on December 18, in two weeks,» Martin said. «Two weeks we have to say goodbye, but with the certainty of making a decision with which I am at peace, I am determined to undertake this change which means finishing a program that is a part of my life.» In addition, the journalist stated that «there are no reasons» to explain the end of the show, confirming that its ending «could have been five years, ten, two, three or one» ago.
On the other hand, from his Instagram account he wrote: «Thank you to everyone who was part of this beautiful team over time. And blessed by the enormous amount of companionship, support and interaction of thousands and thousands of very creative, silent, participatory or fanatical listeners with which love will unite us forever.» Some may not understand, not share the decision, another will connect with the moments. If we made you smile, think, excite, if you cried between 1 and 5 for me, it’s mission accomplished. Next year I’ll be radioing somewhere else, but it was important to shut down a cycle,» he closed his confession to the air, in which he claimed that he will continue in the radio world and that he is «not afraid of the ghost of Basta.»

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