translated from Spanish: With 42 affirmative votes, the Senate passed the wealth tax

This Friday night the special public session of the upper house ended where the Argentine Senate discussed the Bill of Extraordinary Solidarity Contribution of the Great Fortunes.With 42 affirmative votes, 26 negatives and no abstention, the senators approved the bill, which would reach just over 9,200 people throughout Argentina (0.02% of the entire population).

With 42 affirmative votes and 26 negative votes, the bill, come under review, of solidarity and extraordinary contribution is passed to help morite the effects of the pandemic — Argentine Senate (@SenadoArgentina)
December 5, 2020

Carlos Caserio, senator of the province of Córdoba by the Front of All, declared: «After all the efforts made by the State during the pandemic, the thought was: ‘Well, let’s seek solidarity contribution.’ And, in truth, that a Contribution to the Great Fortunes of Argentina means very little to them and much to Argentines.» In addition, I would like to emphasize that, beyond what is raised, it is important that its purposes are specific, so we know that this silver will not be spent on current resources, in any expense, but will be destined for the improvement of every Argentine and every Argentine,» the official closed. According to the senator, it is estimated that the money the state will raise after this one-off contribution will be approximately 400 billion pesos. It should be remembered that, in the Chamber of Deputies, the project obtained 133 votes in favour, 115 against and 2 abstentions.

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