translated from Spanish: Barcelona lost to Cadiz and harvested only 14 points on ten dates

The refusal between Lionel Messi and Barcelona seems to have no end. What began with the historic goal against Bayern Munich, which continued with the burofax of his then imminent departure and what seemed to end with the fine for dedicating the goal to Diego Maradona, today there was another episode. This Saturday, Barcelona faced Cadiz and lost by 2 to 1. The dramatic thing about the situation is not the defeat itself, but it is a defeat against a newly promoted team and, to that, it is added that the Catalan club could not score goals, because the only so much that they scored did Cadiz against it.
In addition, as journalist Juan Pablo Varsky revealed, this is the worst start to the championship since the 1987/88 season. After the first ten dates of this tournament, Barca was only able to get 14 points. In 1987, the team finished the tenth date with 9 points but because, at that time, the winner was given two points. If they had been given three, as today, they would have reached 13 points.» We lose the games together, we win the games together. The coach is very important in the final result and I think it has to be taken on. I think everyone, tonight, hasn’t done well enough to win the game. It has to be acknowledged and it has to be accepted,» ronald Koeman, the DT of the culé team, said at a press conference.

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