translated from Spanish: Fonatur is authorized to buildFase-1 of the Maya Train

Campeche.- The Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) gave the National Tourism Development Fund (Fonatur) the authorization under 16 conditions for the start of the works of phase 1 of the Palenque Maya Train, Chiapas to Izamal, Yucatan.For according to the pact to start with the work will require the change of land use of forest land through which they will pass the 631 kilometers covering an area of 800.95 hectares in Campeche, Chiapas, Tabasco and Yucatan.
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therefore, as reported by different national means, the resolution with ex officio number SGPA/ DIRA/ DG/ 06043, given by the Directorate-General for Environmental Impact and Risk so that for three years it provides for a year and a half for the preparation of the land. Likewise, the permit that caused Fonatur (Fonatur Tren Maya S.A. de CV.) will be valid as a project operation for 50 years that will be counted at the end of the work. As long as the features projected contain the mega work of the Maya Train will be a route of 631.25 kilometers from Palenque to Izamal, will have 13 railway stations, 146 vehicle steps, 24 viaducts, 40 wildlife steps and two loading stations and 3 maintenance bases.

Original source in Spanish

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