translated from Spanish: At least 95 arrested after the latest riots in France

At least 95 people have been arrested and 67 police officers have been injured following this Saturday’s protests and loud riots in several cities in France during the latest protest against the Global Security Act planned by the Gallic government. The balance sheet has been provided by Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin on his Twitter account, where he has specified that 48 of the agents were injured during the Paris riots, the most violent. «I give you my full support,» added the minister, who has not detailed the number of injured among the protesters. According to the bill, the publication of images of security forces «with the aim of harming the physical or mental well-being of agents» could be fined up to 45,000 euros and one year in prison. The Government party, The Marching Republic, has already pledged to reformulate the most controversial points of the text. The Paris demonstration, initiated at the Lilac Gate under the slogan «For Social Rights and Freedom», initially featured a large participation, including numerous activists from the ‘yellow vests’ movement. However, over the minutes the tension and riots were on the rise. Images captured by French television have collected burned cars and damaged storefronts, among dense columns of black smoke and a particular photo, captured by photoreporter Anne Christine-Poujoulat, who shows an agent engulfed in flames, surrounded by companions. Police sources suggest that between 400 and 500 «radical elements» perpetred vandalism such as attacks on shops — bank branches and real estate agencies — or burning vehicles, at least six cars and a truck. They also threw objects at the police, which responded with tear gas. The Ministry of the Interior has reported 52,350 attendees at the 90 rallies, of which 5,000 would correspond to the Paris demonstration, figures lower than last week, when there were 133,000 protesters across France, 46,000 of them in the capital. The leader of La Francia Insumisa, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, participated in the event in Marseille. The left-wing leader has called for «throwing away» the security law. «There’s no shame in backing down,» he has argued from a former American burger place now turned into a social dining room.» In Marseille, this event takes on particular significance as, unfortunately, we don’t have any video recordings that allow us to better understand» how Zineb Redouane, an octogenarian who died on December 2, 2018, died in a hospital, 24 hours after being hit by a can of tear gas fired by police while at home.

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