translated from Spanish: Closed beaches and relocation of pyrotechnics: advance contingency plan for New Year in Valparaiso

No beaches but no fireworks. The regional mayor, Jorge Martínez, met with the mayors of Concón, Viña del Mar and Valparaíso, to agree on prevention measures by December 31.
The pyrotechnics go but the rafts with the loads will be further into the sea, «so that they look better at the height of the hills and viewpoints than in the plan of our respective cities. We don’t want massive concentrations on the plan,» said Mayor Martinez, in conversation with El Mercurio de Valparaíso.
Regarding the coastal edge, the regional authority was emphical in noting that «there will be no people on the beaches watching the fireworks, exposing themselves to severe fines; and there’s also not going to be permission to park on the coastal edge. Except for the parking lots that exist, there will be no permission to park in double row on Avenida España, none».
In addition, Martinez said that vehicles that do not comply with the regulations will be fined, and there will be cranes ready to take them out.
The authorities also these days are intensely auditing the beaches.
In the last Minsal report, the Valparaiso region totalled 32,824 confirmed cases of covid-19, adding 99 new contagions. When two new deaths were reported, the death figure rose to 1,163. Meanwhile, there are 61 ICU beds occupied by covid patients in the area, while yesterday 3,249 PCR tests were performed, with 3% positivity.

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