translated from Spanish: Front for good of all summons morena militants to unity

Michoacán.- With a call to exercise inclusive, participatory democracy to build a Michoacán with opportunities and better living conditions, this Sunday, members of the Front for Unity for Good of All held a press conference in the Michoacana capital.
In front of the media, the federal deputy Agustín García Rubio, who is one of the 29 candidates who registered for the candidacy for the governorship of Michoacán, reiterated that at this time, one of the priorities of the «Front for Unity for the Good of All», made up of Gerardo Dueñas Bedolla, the legislator Anita Sánchez Castro and the state coordinator of brownist bases Netzahualcóyo Alantlís Pedraza , is to consolidate a close bond between militancy, political actors and supporters of both Morena as well as the Fourth Transformation.
García Rubio called on each of the protagonists of this internal process to lead with transparency and attached to the ethical, legal and moral principles that are needed in order to achieve a real change and consolidate the project of Nación, headed by Andrés Manuel López Obrador.
«Here we are present with a common interest, to remain in unity in the State of Michoacán, respecting and seeking a clean process that benefits us all, where each of us from its municipalities or districts, do what is appropriate for our candidates to be
the best and most appreciated by our people.»
Finally, he pointed out that they have to exercise inclusive democracy and participatory democracy to
build a Michoacán where there are opportunities and better living conditions for everyone.

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