translated from Spanish: «He was a remarkable president because he never stopped being a doctor,» Mujica said of Vazquez

Former president and former wisher José Mujica said goodbye to former missionary Tabaré Vázquez after his death was known and said he was «a remarkable president because he never ceased to be a doctor,» and assured that there were several occasions when he assumed a double role.» Over the years, even as president, he could not fail to be a doctor concerned about people’s health. I remember more than once noticing it when we were exchanging, talking and realizing that he was looking at me as a doctor, seeing my symptoms, for that brutal commitment to his vocation as a doctor,» Mujica said in statements to Radio Sarandí.
«He left a fellow son of the workers who made his future, his career, but he could never part with what his social commitment was, that he expressed it from the workshops to football, to his political militancy and that he was paradoxically a man of science,» he said.
«That’s why thank you Tabaré, it’s an honor to have known you and know you closely, thank you for your scientific spirit, of the way you analyze things. In your lordship of true commitment to the cause of the deferred and even forever. The best way to remember you is to fight for your flags,» Mujica said goodbye.
The former healer assured that Vazquez always advised them and recalled that the last time he saw him he asked if he slept well: «He was analyzing me like old,» he said. He knew what was waiting for him. I remember when evil erupted, she told Lucia, who was vice president at the time, ‘I’m going to die, but rest a lot that I arrived in March,’ she was clearer than all of us to become, and that also speaks of her fortitude,» she said. On the other hand, he also spoke of the moment of handover of the presidential band, when Mujica took over as president: «I remember perfect what I told him ‘look that I give it back to you’, some of that I told him at the moment I hugged him.» Vazquez died in the early morning of this Sunday at the age of 80 and accompanied by his relatives. His son Alvaro Vázquez broke the news and the Vázquez Delgado family issued an official statement informing that there will be no public wake due to the health emergency:

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