translated from Spanish: How to enable the option for Whatsapp messages to be deleted after 7 days?

Temporary messages are one of the new features added by the messaging platform. This new option involves the possibility of deleting chats sent a week ago. It is a service that is already available on other messaging systems but that just reaches the most used by most. This update is now available on iOS, KaiOS, and Android operating systems, both in its mobile and desktop versions. To activate it you select a chat, it is held down, and among the options will appear one of “Temporary Messages”. Although it is already disabled, once it is activated it will start deleting all messages that have been sent after 7 days. However, WhatsApp has already warned its users that this option does not mean that chats disappear. Someone else, who doesn’t have this mode turned on, can keep these chats and even photograph or forward them. In this way, it is recommended that this mode be used only with people of trust. Whether family or close friends, to keep the information confidential. If you don’t open the app for more than 7 days, notifications will still be active but the message will disappear. In addition, the texts quoted may also remain beyond this time if one keeps in the history some of these chats.

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