translated from Spanish: Policemen involved in the murder of Humberto Moreira’s son free policemen involved in moreira’s son murder

José Eduardo Moreira Rodríguez, son of former Coahuila governor Humberto Moreira, was killed by Los Zetas eight years ago. During the investigation, the former deputy chief operating officer and police supervisor who have been released were arrested. 
This Saturday it was announced that his departure from prison was on the orders of a judge who detected due process violations committed by the state attorney’s office. 
Police officers were accused of quoting José Eduardo Moreira before the crime. Witness statements, as well as operators of Los Zetas, indicate that José Eduardo was not involved in illegal activities, Milenio published.
That same medium had access to the sentence handed down by Juan Marcos Dávila Rangel, Third District Judge in Coahuila, who ordered the release of Rodolfo Castillo Montes and Víctor Landeros Sifuentes, La Iguana, former deputy chief operating officer and supervisor, respectively, of the Municipal Police of Ciudad Acuña.
Eduardo reportedly trusted Rodolfo Castillo Montes because he worked on the campaign of his father, Humberto Moreira, on his way to the bernatura. 
According to the data obtained by that means, on October 3, 2012, Castillo Montes received on his phone a message from an officer working at the leading base of the municipality, who asked him to meet with him. 
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The message read: «29 in west south pounding,» which means «we have to see ourselves in the west south pounding.» 
Rodolfo came to the place and the uniform that quoted him was accompanied by another policeman. He was told that he had to go to the parking lot of an «Oxxo» store on the avenue south west and Avenue Eje Central, in the Santa Rosa fractionation. 
The deputy asked what it was about and why they didn’t tell him at the time. The officer mentioned that it was «a ten pope», that is, «a personal matter». 
Rodolfo stated that he saw a black Jeep Cheeroke van, with polarized glass, parked next to them, from which three armed men, members of Los Zetas, were later descended. 
Then they asked him to come with them. During the journey they told Rodolfo that he had to locate Eduardo, nephew of the then governor Rubén Moreira. They asked him for the favor because they knew him very well and they were friends. 
They also told him that they wanted to see Eduardo to raise a problem related to his work, as he served as coordinator of Social Programs of the Coahuila Secretariat for Social Development.
Rodolfo called Eduardo and quoted him in Oxxo himself. Upon his arrival he was greeted by Miguel Angel Rodríguez Díaz, Alfa Metro, head of the square, and told Eduardo to accompany them, while he was flying him with a firearm. 
Then they told the deputy director to leave, then they’d see him. At 9 a.m., Eduardo Moreira’s van was abandoned. It was when Rodolfo imagined he had been killed and gave notice to the mayor and his director to report the crime.  
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