translated from Spanish: First constitutional process to recognize the right of affiliation to sons and daughters of same-sex couples achieved no consensus on almost any indication

The bill seeking to eliminate discrimination against those sons and daughters of lesbomarental and homoparent families began its first constitutional process in the Special Committee on Children. However, the lack of study by parliamentarians and discussions not focused on children was the tonic of the day.
«The discussion was discussed too much from adultcentrism and not from the right of affiliation of children, as appropriate,» warned the co-founder of Familia es Familia and part of the drivers of the project, Claudia Amigo.
The family member is Family, she noted that «the parent idea of our bill was always to extend existing rights, that the three types of affiliation be extended to our sons and daughters.» These would be: The affiliation of daughters and sons that have been conceived by techniques of assisted human reproduction, The affiliation of daughters and sons by voluntary recognition, affiliation through adoption and adoption by integration.
However, of these three demands, the only one that was «approved», but with the promise of reopening the discussion, was affiliation by voluntary recognition, that is, the possibility that a son or daughter with two mothers could be recognized by both women and not just by the parent.
In the case of heterosexual men «when it comes to voluntary recognition there is no questioning at all. Why? because the higher right of children, equality between children, was privileged, but now there are concerns and it is because we are lesbians, that is why,» Friend said. In fact, heterosexual men can recognize their son or daughter without even the mother’s consent.
This was the most important indication that was adopted, but all the indications relating to article 182 of the Civil Code, which deals with the affiliation of the son or daughter to heterosexual couples using assisted reproduction techniques, were relegated in today’s discussion, as there was no clarity among parliamentarians to be able to vote. 
Thus, the project presented in 2016 by the Lesbian Group Breaking Silence, the Visible Lesbian Group, Human and Family Corporation is Family to congress, today it had its first constitutional procedure. However, in the absence of consensus even to vote, because senators appealed to the need to further study the indications, the discussion should continue on Wednesday to have the future picture of this bill that seeks to ensure that children have equal rights.

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