translated from Spanish: Irací Hassler, a PC candidate backed by Daniel Jadue, prevails in unreleased citizen primaries to define Santiago’s mayoral opposition candidate

An unpublished process took place on Sunday in the commune of Santiago. It is the debut of the primary citizen to elect the candidate for mayor of opposition by the commune of Santiago.
There were four candidates who competed for a place to be on the ballot of the next municipal election: Irací Hassler (PC), Cynthia Vivallo (PL), Gustavo Pacheco, of the People’s Dignity Movement and José Osorio, of the Association of Neighborhoods and Heritage Areas.
According to the Tricel that was marked by the correct realization of this day, which had table closing hours at 18 hours and had 38 table vowels, 2,604 validly cast votes were counted. The winner was Hassler, with 1,444 votes (55%).
Further back were Osorio, with 489 votes (19%), Pacheco with 454 (17%) and Vivallo, with 307 (8%).

Credit: @alcaldiaxstgo
Hassler, in an interview with DNA radio, had previously commented on the importance of this election. “A primary citizen who comes from the organizations of the commune of Santiago themselves. It’s a historic time for change,” he said. “It is an unpublished process of citizen participation,” added the winner, who arrived at the site accompanied by the mayor of Recoleta, Daniel Jadue.
As a parallel data, the legal primary, Claudio Orrego (DC) obtained 1,500 votes to be new Gore of the Metropolitan.

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