translated from Spanish: Producers see the picture sad in the sesame harvest

Mocorito, Sinaloa.- Temporary producers of the Magic Village of Mocorito lament the lousy agricultural cycle 2020 given in the sesame, it shows that the crops are yielding very low yields per hectare, even claim that taking the diesel costs of the tractor are given for well paid. César Gastélum, originally from the syndicature of Rosa Morada, explains that the panorama is very ugly and regrets the situation, because the crops that were looked at in optimal conditions, beautiful, are throwing at most 100 kilos, while those that seriously affected the plague of the web worm do not reach 50. 
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The reality of things is that I no longer want to make a profit but just take the diesel out of the tractor, so I get for good served, so disappointed we are.» 

The producer of sesame said they had a very unfortunate year, as they were harmed in every way both in monetary, agricultural and especially by lack of water. «The temporary companies depend on the rains to develop the crops and because today we lacked a lot of water, the time was not how we expected it and the drought that presented itself also brought with it problems of different types, since we had pests in the plants and that ended up to finish us off,» he said. The Mocoritense producer wants the government to look back at the sector that suffered in the face of this bad year, since some did not raise even 100 kilos per hectare as in previous cycles, which is why they see the future very ugly.

Original source in Spanish

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