translated from Spanish: Robles Defense calls for defer hearing while negotiating with FGR

The defense of sedesol and Sedatu’s former surrogate, Rosario Robles, asked the federal judge in charge of the open case against him for alleged omissions, defer the hearing for the presentation of evidence scheduled for this Tuesday, in order to have more time in the negotiation you are looking for with the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic (FGR) to obtain an opportunity criterion.
According to the former officer’s legal team, the petition was filed in writing and will be ratified on Tuesday before the judge, as soon as the hearing (called intermediate) begins, which, for health reasons, will be held at 10 a.m. through the videoconference format.
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This hearing is key as this is the last pre-trial preparation session and, in turn, oaks’ last option to seek an alternate exit in that case. 
If the judge granted the request it would be the second time that this hearing was postponed after it was first made on October 26, after the defense asked for more time to conclude with two experts that were indispensable to sustain the innocence of the former officer.
Until that time, Robles’ lawyers’ strategy had aimed at not negotiating alternate exits and proving that she did not incur omissions that, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, facilitated the diversion of more than five billion pesos from their units, under the scheme of «The Master Scam».
However, in subsequent weeks the situation of the former staff member became complicated after the right-hand man, Emilio Zebadúa, testified before the FGR that as Senior Officer of Sedesol he operated diversions of resources under the alleged orders of Robles and former Secretary of finance, Luis Videgaray. This was followed by the news of the release of an apprehension order against him money laundering and organized crime.
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In that context Robles informed his lawyers of his decision to seek a negotiation with the FGR in order to seek to stop an eventual second process for the aforementioned offences. In return, it offers to declare and provide details and evidence of the alleged diversions in the past six years. This is the resource that the law defines as a «criterion of opportunity»
The claim to cooperate was formalised in a letter delivered on 25 November to FGR. According to the authorities consulted, the institution continues to assess the relevance of accessing such a scheme or not, and the possibility of obtaining a statement from Robles.
It is this situation of indefinition that has led the defense of the former federal officer to request a postponement of the intermediate hearing in the case he already has open against.
Political Animal he went ahead in this note that, if the negotiation is successful and FGR agrees not to proceed against Robles for organized crime, his defense could choose to waive trial in the case of omissions and plead guilty at the intermediate hearing. This would mean imposing a minimum penalty on him that allows him to regain his freedom.
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Rosario Robles will serve on December 13th 16 months held in the penal of Santa Martha Acatitla. On 13 August 2019 she was linked to the process for the crime of illegal use of powers in the form of omissions, which is not serious and allowed her to follow the process in freedom. However, the judge decided to order his pre-emptive imprisonment after considering that there was a risk of escape.
Meanwhile, the borrowing order for organized crime and money laundering that his defense seeks to curb with negotiation has not yet been officially executed. In the same case, three people have already been arrested and seven more are fugitives.
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