translated from Spanish: Tributes after dead

Not only does that happen in Sinaloa, nor in Mexico, it becomes present anywhere in the world. Being a hu-hand does not dare to recognize another in full use of his faculties. In life they don’t recognize their talent, on the contrary, they do it less. As we say here vulgarly, «they don’t peel it.» Ah, but when he gets to die, they go out of their way to pay homage to them. How many times have we not witnessed that. Many cases we know. One of the most recent, my dear and esteemed friend Saúl Parra, a tremendous softball promoter, baseball leader and leader in the Guasave ampayeo.
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He was never given his place and nothing else died, now they want to name one of the baseball fields of Deportivo Péimbert Camacho, where he plays the Liga Linces de Guasave. Fermín Soto, one of the most emblematic pugilistas that Guamúchil had and a connotated and respected réferi in the last stage of his life. He was a football referee and guild leader. On many occasions he was even ignored, but as soon as he died they already wished to name Tamazula’s box gymnasium, when in life they were able to do it with the one on the side of La Bola. Prof. Dautt died and quickly paid tributes to his name carrying a league. The «Mayo Rigo» Garcia passed away and if tomorrow he started a handsome league whatever his name would be given to a circuit. But that’s nothing else here in the region, but also globally, there’s the example of Diego Armando Maradona.

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