translated from Spanish: Violence against women does not stop in Chile: three women attacked by their partners mark the beginning of December

During 2020, 50 femicides have been perpetuated in Chile, or 50 women have lost their lives at the hands of a man, according to the Chilean Network Against Violence against Women. This weekend, three attacks were known against women that resulted in the death of one of them.
Thus, while the Covid-19 continues to generate imprisonment, confinement and restrictions, sexist violence has proven to be a relentless historical pandemic. Only on the first weekend of December, a woman was killed by her lifefaughter, another woman was kidnapped by her ex-partner for five days and a woman was the victim of a frustrated femicide.
Man is in pre-trial detention for femicide in Peñalolén
This Saturday, Jocelyn Hernández Jara (28) was attacked with a knife by her partner, Alvaro Seguel, leaving her in critical condition. After this, relatives of the victim moved her urgently to a care center, but despite the efforts, she lost her life.
Thanks to Jocelyn’s family, Carabineros managed to find the whereabouts of the aggressor, who was hiding where relatives in the commune of La Reina. The defendant already had a history of murder.
On Sunday, the 8th Warranty Court of Santiago decreed pre-trial detention for Alvaro Seguel González, as a possible author of the femicide that ended Jocelyn’s life. The deadline for the investigation shall be 90 days.
Man kidnaps his ex-partner for five days in Valparaiso
A 19-year-old girl spent five days abducted inside an address in Catemu, in the Valparaiso region. The author would have been his 23-year-old ex-partner, with whom he has a common child.
“During these five days, the victim was physically, psychologically and sexually assaulted by the accused. She manages to escape her aggressor and makes the complaint to carabinieri,” said the Head of the Andes Sex Crime Brigade, Commissioner Maria Ester Maulen, for the medium Biobio.
The aggressor, who already had a history of domestic violence in October this year, despite having held his son’s mother against his will and assaulting her on multiple occasions, was not formalized by frustrated femicide, but by the crime of kidnapping with repeated rape and less serious injury offences.
The prosecution asked the defendant for the precautionary measure of pre-trial detention, however, this process had to be suspended for the defendant’s psychiatric history. Currently the possible aggressor is deprived of his liberty at the Psychiatric Hospital of Putaendo, waiting for the experts referring to his mental faculties
Man tried to kill his partner in Quellón
On Saturday, a 26-year-old woman was assaulted by her 19-year-old partner in the commune of Quellón. Fist punches and kicks, in addition to the aggression with a short-hitting weapon, was the situation from which the woman managed to save hesitation.
Quellón’s prosecutor, Karin Alegría, noted that the victim’s mother managed to intervene before a possible tragedy occurred and thus save the victim. Hospital officials described the woman’s injuries as serious. 
The Prosecutor’s Office formalized this attack as a frustrated femicide and decreed 100 days of investigation to clarify the facts and formulate responsibilities. The defendant is currently in pre-trial detention.

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