translated from Spanish: Launch first Braille recipes to boost inclusive food education

Katherine Marchant, Jorge Alvarez and Piero Villalobos were the first users to access the recipe book of Choose Living Healthy made in Braille system, a pioneering initiative that seeks to allow visually impaired people to have access to food education. 
It is a recipe book of traditional Chilean preparations that the Seremi de Desarrollo Social y Familia of the Coquimbo Region will send to the people who have in their family some member with visual impairment, so that they can make use of this material.
«In Chile there are more than 2 million 800 thousand people over the age of 2 living with disabilities, so we continue to work to make visible, as appropriate, to those who have been invisible for so long,» said Social and Family Development Minister Karla Rubilar.
The executive secretary of Choose to Live Healthy, Daniela Godoy emphasized that this initiative is «promoting inclusive food education, and on that path we work to implement this first braille recipe book for visually impaired people. We are very happy, because this means giving access to all people and promoting such important inclusive development in our country.»
The recipe book is an inclusive version of the Chilean Traditional Preparations Recipe made together by Elige Vivir Sano and La Vega Central, which collects various recipes typical of Chilean cuisine that have as ingredients fruits, vegetables and legumes, foods that in Chile are consumed in low quantities.
Finally, Senadis Regional Director Jorge Juarez noted that this initiative «represents a commitment and exercise of people’s right to information and a challenge to continue bringing public policies closer to people with disabilities.»

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