translated from Spanish: WhatsApp added to its functions the shopping cart to purchase products

Facebook announced the incorporation of shopping carts into its WhatsApp messaging service to facilitate the experience of users who want to purchase products. With this new tool users will be able to select the products they want in a catalog and send the order to the company that offers it «in a single message».

It will also make it easier for companies to track order inquiries, manage customer requests, and complete sales. Mark Zuckerberg and his company announced on their official blog that it is «an excellent tool for communicating with companies that often sell several items at once, such as restaurants or local clothing stores.»

How does it work? WhatsApp carts aim to facilitate the purchase process for customers and merchants. To start using them we simply need to enter the chat window of the desired business or company. Then, we need to tap on the purchase icon to enter the product catalog. There you can explore and choose the items that you like the most and add them to the cart. In addition, this tool will allow you to view and edit the products added to the cart before sending the order. In addition, if we have any specific questions, the possibility to chat with the seller will always be available before finalizing the purchase. It is also recalled that orders are not final until confirmed and that the payment method that is available to trade must be used.

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