translated from Spanish: Alberto Fernandez: «We are fulfilling each of the commitments we have promised»

The President of the Nation, Alberto Fernández, argued a few moments ago that his governance, which tomorrow turns one year, is «fulfilling each of the commitments» promised during the election campaign, while highlighting that a country that others destroyed is being «rebuilt.» The representative spoke from the Bicentennial Museum of the Government House as part of the opening ceremony of 30 public works carried out in 12 provinces for an estimated investment of 12,887 million pesos.» We are fulfilling each of the commitments we have promised. Without lofty speeches, not to mention green shoots or second semesters, but watering the Fatherland every day,» Fernandez said. 

Accompanied by the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, as well as the Ministers of Public Works, Gabriel Katopodis and of the Interior, Eduardo de Pedro, the president pointed out against the last national administration: «Now they are trying to break us with promises. They’re treating us like liars, but we’ve never changed an inflation calculation or a budget 7 days after we passed it.» «We paid the debts they left us and put the public work back on our feet,» Fernandez said. In his speech he further stated that it takes «an Argentina that grows a couple in every corner» of the country and stated that it is fulfilling one of its campaign objectives that was to «make a country more federal»: «It is a goal that we are determined to meet, in which we do not want to cry out». 

Finally, he stressed the need for Argentina to «achieve better road connectivity and, in this way, to be able to move forward or take production to ports» and added that «that speaks of an Argentina that stands, rises up and thinks about exporting and improving». Previously, the President communicated by videoconference with the governors of Cordoba, Juan Schiaretti; Oscar Herrera Ahuad, and Rio Negro, Arabela Carreras.
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