translated from Spanish: AMLO develops a dictionary with words that it considers neoliberal as «empathy» or «resilience» (video)

Photograph/Government of Mexico
Mexico.- This morning during his lecture, the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, noted that he is making a dictionary with new words from the neoliberal period, considering that organic intellectuals do not write for the people, but with technicalities.
«I am making up a dictionary of the new words of the neoliberal period, the new terms and the post-neoliberal period,» he said. He said that in a meeting with G20 heads of state, he was struck by the word holistic, that they «repeated it several times» and that it had to do with «integration.»

The president confesses that he ignores the meaning of neoliberal words such as empathy or resilience, now we understand his disinterest in children with cancer or their inability to reverse the course of the #ConferenciaPresidente
— DDCNews (@DDCNewsMx) December 9, 2020

«Of those fashionable as resilience (…) Another that was not used before and is now used a lot: empathy. There is sympathy or antipathy, but this is empathy. Imagine an organic intellectual, in his writing talking about resilience,» he said.
President López Obrador criticized that popular speech is sometimes questioned, but it is the best way for people to have information.
«Talk to the people. What Cervantes wrote in El Quixote; Holistic use or resilience? Nothing, it’s an accessible language, the language of the people, a good Spanish,» he said.

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