translated from Spanish: Deputy Jorge Durán (RN) asks the Government to clarify impasse with Espacio Riesco: «Health is not a business for a few»

After the Ministry of Health confirmed that there is a million-dollar portfolio debt with Espacio Riesco, an event center that was implemented to receive non-serious patients with covid-19, amid the country’s health emergency, National Renewal Deputy Jorge Durán called on the authorities to promptly clarify this controversy, especially , thinking that in the short term there is the threat of a second wave of contagions.
«As a member of the Committee on Health, I hope that all these situations will be clarified as soon as possible. With health not being played, health should be a right, but not a business for a few, except at a time when we could enter a stronger regrowthe that demands fresh resources from the Executive to deal with the care of the sick and that we know are limited given the level of indebtedness of the state in the wake of the same health crisis» , stressed the official parliamentarian.
In the face of this impasse, the Member was concerned about the irregular management that certain providers may be giving to his offer of services with human health.
«For many families, the pandemic was a terrible thing, for many SMEs it was the failure of their economic activity, and for others a big deal, as well as many health providers who eventually ended up billing million-dollar figures and are still in the process of review by the Contraloria. One of these cases is Espacio Riesco which to date is owed more than $3 billion and that does not yet have a Contraloria visa to be able to make such payment,» Durán warned.
The legislator therefore called on the Government and the Ministry of Health to carry out greater preventive and auditing work so that situations such as Espacio Riesco are not repeated with other providers.
«It is time to give clear and firm signals to the health industry in Chile. We cannot improvise on this very serious issue for citizens and those groups of the population so affected by this pandemic that is not yet controlled and whose strategy to prevent further spread will be vital,» Chile’s Deputy Vamos said.

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