translated from Spanish: Minister of Health explained how the Pfizer vaccine works and stated that it does not believe «that it may cause problems»

In a conversation with channel 13 morning , «Welcome», the Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, explained how the Pfizer vaccine works and the doubts that exist about it. In that line, the secretary of state commented that «these vaccines made by Moderna, which Makes Pfizer, which is with RNA, obviously can cause some concern» in the population. Paris further detailed that «ribonucleic acid goes directly into the ribosome, does not enter the nucleus of the cell; to reassure people, because a lot of people have said it’s going to get into the nucleus and it’s going to change my genetic information, it’s not like that. No, messenger RNA is not mixed with DNA.» It is a vaccine that is very interesting in its mechanism of action, because it does not enter the nucleus of the cell, enters the ribosome, causes the ribosome to produce the same protein of the coronavirus and the body produces antibodies against that protein. And that’s the mechanism by which defense creates. So it doesn’t interfere with DNA,» he added. Also the head of the portfolio explained that «messenger ribonucleic acid, scientifically, does not have to produce allergies» and in that context stated that «it would have to be allergy to the transporter mechanism, because it is a fat nanoparticle carrying messenger RNA.» We have a lot of peace of mind.» «Those have been used for tens of years and do not cause problems (…) So, we don’t think that with that vaccine, which is Sinovac’s, we have problems,» Paris added, «Finally, he said that «the problems could be with these innovative vaccines, but I have read and I think they are not vaccines that can cause problems.»

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