translated from Spanish: Bill seeks to extend emergency postnatal, while 30,000 mothers and fathers have already lost the benefit

A few days ago the executive decreed that the Constitutional State of Emergency for Catastrophe will extend at least until 13 March 2021. However, nothing has yet been said about the thousands of mothers and fathers who have not been able to continue renewing the emergency postnatal, having to return to work, or resign, in the midst of a pandemic.
On 27 July, the emergency postnatal was enacted, an exceptional measure that allowed, after the end of the legal term of the postnatal, to renew the medical license for 30 days, for the duration of the State of Catastrophe, but for a maximum period of 90 days in total. 71% of mothers and fathers who could apply for parental preventive medical leave did so within the first 30 days. All of them would no longer have the benefit.
Thus, from 27 October – when licences could no longer be renewed – to the present, almost 30,000 mothers and fathers have been harmed by having no measure to allow them to stay with their children and not expose them in a pandemic.
This worrying situation could change with the new bill that would allow the 30-day license, provided by the emergency postnatal, to be renewed as many times as necessary for the duration of the Constitutional State of Emergency, without a maximum cap.
«We are going to give all the fights to make the project constitutional and we hope that the government will support it. If you didn’t give him answers for months, the least thing is that he puts on his shoes today and has empathy. The ones waiting for an answer are the mothers who have no solution, in the midst of a regrowthe,» criticized the law enforcement officer and DEPUTY (CS), Gael Yeomans, for the medium 24 hours.
The measure promoted by MPs Gael Yeomans (CS), Maite Orsini (RD) and MPs Marcelo Díaz (Unir) together with Andrea Iturry, spokesman for the Postnatal Emergency Citizen Movement, seeks to extend the emergency postnatal, at least until the next 13 March of the State of Catastrophe.
According to the figures of the Superintendency of Social Security, there are 27,212 people who requested the emergency post natal and who have already run out or will end on December 15, and where their children remain less than one year. All these people are waiting for a response that will solve the critical situation they and their children are living in full increase in contagion by Covid-19.

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