translated from Spanish: Cattle ranchers without props

Like other productive sectors, Mazatlan’s farmers are also not receiving the support they previously had that helped a little lower their operating costs. Today, they face the harsh effects of drought. The fields do not have enough food for the reses to feed. That is why they have to buy the food, which has a very high price that makes their activity unquesteable. Many are opting to better sell the cattle before they continue to consume more food. They prefer to sell them also now that they have good weight because they do not want to risk being lost and losing kilos and much of their investment. The sacrifice of beef sales is being another outlet, but it also faces a drop in demand, as traditional customers are not buying the same meat as before.
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Mazatlan has the most important milk-producing basin in Sinaloa. Dairy prices are within the range that could allow profitability for farmers, however the drought that results for them in lack of grass, leads to high costs. Even the availability of water for breaks is a problem, as many of the old wells dried up and there are not enough watering holes. The livestock sector needs help, however, they do not have much hope of receiving it.

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