translated from Spanish: From today you can make requests for the withdrawal of the second 10%

After one week of passing the law for the second installment of 10% of planned funds, at 09 hours the application process begins.
The process will not be face-to-face for the first two weeks, but digitally. The regulations stipulate that the payment will be in two installments: the first with a period of 10 working days from the time the request is made, where 50% of what is required will be delivered. The other half will be paid in 10 business days from the first refund.
From the AFP Association they recalled that for the delivery of the amounts govern the same provisions as for those of the first withdrawal, that is, that the money will only be deposited into a personal account (not bipersonal, or third parties).
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All AFP members may make a second withdrawal, except for persons whose income or remuneration is regulated in accordance with Article 38a of the Political Constitution of the Republic and which affects senior authorities (President, ministers, undersecretaries and parliamentarians, among others).
The maximum amount that can be withdrawn will be 150 UF, corresponding to $4.3 million. For accumulated funds less than $1 million, everything can be withdrawn. According to the law, the withdrawal request may be made up to one year after the law is published.
The regulations passed in Congress also provide that there will be no tax payment for those with monthly rents of less than $1.5 million. Taxes will not be withheld at the time of withdrawal, but will be cancelled in the subsequent rental transaction.
In the case of alimony, it was established that it will be the family judge, who authorizes the minor or his representative, to ask the debtor to withdraw the funds for up to the entire debt.

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