translated from Spanish: It will be through Community Learning Centers that you will return to face-to-face classes gradually: SEP

Michoacán.- The Secretary of Public Education made it clear that it will be through Community Learning Centers (CCA) that states and/or municipalities that decide to return to classes in person, which will ensure a gradual and safe return of children, adolescents and young people to schools.
It noted that the CCA project, designed together with the Health Sector and based on article 14 of the General Education Law, was essential to build alternatives for pedagogical, psychological and social support and advice to students and even teachers, he noted.
Therefore, school management may set up a Community Learning Centre where the school community, by consensus, so determines, and complying with the following aspects to strengthen and encourage the educational process: days against school lag; pedagogical advice; psycho-emotional support; cleanliness and health actions on the education campus; book consultation; delivery of Free TextBooks and teaching materials; school paperwork; use of equipment and services (computers, internet, printers, TV, etc.); use of school infrastructure (audiences, sports courts); construction and maintenance actions; sessions of collegiate bodies of the Educational Campus and those determined by the School Health Committee, with the authorization of the educational authority in the state.
In addition, he said that when a case of SARS-CoV2 virus (COVID-19) is reported, the Community Learning Center will suspend its activities.
Therefore, 45-minute sessions are presented at the Community Learning Centers. And the following measures will be followed: operate school filters; Healthy distance (2 meters between chairs, tables, benches, etc.). Use of mouth covering or handkerchief over nose and mouth; staggered assistance; 40% daily limit on the school population. establish a maximum of education and teacher or teacher, within each classroom; prioritize the use of open spaces; permanently clean furniture and equipment after each class. As well as avoid attending CCA sessions in case of any symptoms of suspected COVID-19, among others.
In Michoacán more than half of municipalities do not present cases of COVID-19, so they could decide between continuing online classes or attending school classrooms.

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