translated from Spanish: Legal abortion: started the historic day in Deputies

With a quorum of 150 deputies, 105 are face-to-face and 45 remotely, the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, began the session that will deal with the draft law on voluntary termination of pregnancy. Deputy Jimena Lopez made the flag of the venue and then sang the national anthem. At the beginning of the day, Massa made a personal recommendation: “There are no anti-right or murderer deputies here. I ask you, please, understanding the passion generated by this debate, let us not lose sight of the respect and the ability to listen to others.” After two motions that were rejected, one requesting that the debate be postponed by 6 January next to “respect the worship of Catholic religious”, and another calling for a popular cosult, the President of the House gave rise to the interventions of the presidents and the chairman of the General Legislation Commissions, Cecilia Moreau; Health, Pablo Yedlin; Criminal Law, Ana Carolina Gaillard; and Women and Diversity, Monica Macha.La Deputy Cecilia Moreau, after thanking the president of the deputies bloc of the Front of All and the President of the Nation, Alberto Fernández, a reason that was replicated in the speakers’ speeches, began his speech: “Today marks the 37th birthday of the return of democracy. In these 37 years rights were guaranteed: I can remember the divorce law, the law of shared parental authority, the law of gender identity, that of equal marriage. Then I have no doubt that this date is symbolic to conquer a new right.” She continued: “To ensure the assistance and accompaniment of all pregnant women and people who decide to terminate their pregnancy is to understand that this is fundamentally a public health problem.”

| @CECILIAMOREAU: “Both projects promote more social justice and equal opportunities, expand rights and care for health understood in an integral way.” — Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity (@MinGenerosAR)
December 10, 2020

Next, the legislator and chairman of the Committee on Social Action and Public Health, Pablo Raúl Yedlin, among his thanks appointed “the women of Argentina, those women who throughout the country – now here outside congress, but also in all the squares of Argentina – have been expressing with their voice the need for us to move forward in this legislation”. The deputy, who was health minister in Tucumán province for eight years, said he was speaking from public health. “If a public health problem has soclution then it becomes a major problem. Here we have a situation of serious women, sick or end up in deaths, because of a situation that is easily solveable and today we are on that path.” He also said he understood the faith of his people and that the project is not against anyone’s beliefs or worldview, so he detailed that it is not about being for abortion or not, but about its legalization.” There are two groups of women underground, Yedlin continued, “those who have eocnomic resources and access a safe and poor disruption, those who are not only persecuted for justice but are also condemned to unsafe procedures that lead them to put their lives at risk or to be injured forever.”

We continue to @DiputadosAR the fundamental Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy project in public health so that vulnerable women who make this decision are not persecuted or have to resort to clandestinidad — Dr. Pablo Yedlin (@pyedlin)
December 4, 2020

For her part, Deputy Ana Carolina Gaillard, also chairwoman of the Criminal Legislation Commission, began her speech by highlighting historical militants for the right to legal abortion, safe and free. “Today is a historic day for the women of our country,” said and greeted the militants Estela Díaz and Dora Barrancos, present at the compound. She also appointed Marta Alanís, founder of Catholics for the Right to Decide (CDD); Julia Martino and Jenny Durán, Campaign referendums; former DEPUTY Adela Segarra; the sociologist and part of CDD, Victoria Treasurer, “and a lot of companions who walked and made pilgrimage through the offices of each of us so that today we can deal with this project.” He also referred to the move that took to the streets two years ago. “We wouldn’t be here without the green tide either. This is how a hundred thousand pibas were mobilized to the streets, but also the companions who militarized this for years.”

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At the end of her speech, the Member addressed he he/she with an encouraging message: “They will not move on to the storyit’s going to be the lukewarm, it’s not going to go down in history for those who surf it. They’re going to go up in history, not the ones who speculate, but the ones who play it the most. Because there’s a society that’s asking us to take over, there’s a president who doesn’t look to the side, and there’s a whole women’s and meps’ organization that worked in 2018 and today it’s still united to ensure that this Congress approves this year and that legal abortion is law by 2020.”

| @CaroGaillard: “With this project we are not going to promote abortion. No one’s in favor of abortion. No woman gets pregnant to have an abortion. It’s a traumatic situation. All we’re going to do is have that woman accompanied by a state here.”.#UniendoVoces — Deputies Argentina (@DiputadosAR)
December 10, 2020

The chairwoman and the chairman of the commissions closed the presentations was Monica Macha, chairwoman of the Women and Diversity Commission. In it he stated that “we are talking about one of the perhaps most important laws since the return of democracy.” He also emphasized that the law escapes the binary universe associated with institutions. “This law comes to give us health sovereignty through a transfeministic gaze. Legal abortion is a key step towards a health and political system for the multiplicity of identities and bodies,” he said. In this line he detailed: “This law we are reporting recognizes that not only do women abort, so do lesbians, trans masculinities and intersex people.”

Each green handkerchief is a password, a key between us, knowing that we are through the otrx and, in this fight, we are freer and equal. We have an opinion, tomorrow we go for the half sanction. Let’s make history. We’re already doing #AbortoLegal2020 #SeraLey — Monica Macha (@MoniMacha)
December 9, 2020

With the closure of the exhibition by Meps Macha, the President of the House, Sergio Massa began the five-minute speeches of the deputies of the Nation. The debate is expected to last around twenty hours and the vote will take place in the early morning of Friday.
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