translated from Spanish: Manuel de Tezanos on the death of his son: «I care to keep alive his legacy»

The journalist and sports commentator, Manuel de Tezanos, posted through his Instagram account a photo with his son who died 10 years ago and remembered the great struggle he gave. Next to the postcard, the communicator wrote that «on a day like today, but 10 years ago, my son, Juan de Tezanos Pinto Baudrand, left this life. The 2 years 9 months I was lucky enough to live with him was enough for me to be the person I admire most in history.» His life was not easy: He suffered almost all of his brief existence of serious illnesses and their consequences, which required painful therapies to get ahead. But John never gave up and surpassed even the most optimistic vaticnios when, one day, he walked out of the rehabilitation center… and the aftermath of the meningitis he suffered at 2 months was never supposed to leave him,» he said. Tezanos also stated that «Juan had already turned 2 years old, when we left for Buenos Aires that 2010. It looked like the worst had happened, but peritonitis returned him to a hospital. He did not yet have the resources to express his pains and the doctors who saw him did not detect his appendicitis in time. But he kept fighting and 10 days after his emergency operation, when he was near discharge, an intrahospital virus, surprising, brutal, took him after giving so much fighting in just a couple of hours. I tell all this because 10 years later I care to keep alive his legacy: fight to the end, never give up… and always deliver a smile, even if you have suffered and no one knows.» With this example of life, with the love given to me by my daughter Valentina, with the support and understanding of my family, friends and co-workers I have managed to get to write these words 10 years after living the most painful thing that can take your life. Thank you to everyone who has been, to those who support the distance and especially to my Cami, who has embraced me tight these days. Thank you really, I would never have made it to this day without you,» he said.

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