translated from Spanish: Mauro Icardi’s greeting to Wanda for her 34 years

After her trip to our country where she was able to meet her nephew Viggo and spend time with her sister and friends, Wanda Nara returned to France, Paris, where she celebrated her 34th birthday at full throttle. Her husband Mauro Icardi dedicated some romantic words to which she accompanied a fiery photo together: «Happy birthday to the woman of my life. The mother of my daughters, the woman who allowed me to start a family I’ve always dreamed of. That’s why and a thousand other things, I wish you all the best on this day. I love you,» he wrote.

Then it was her turn to post a message on her account for her anniversary: «Birthday makes me look around and inadvertently take stock of my years.. I can’t be more blessed with my big family being so young watch 5 wonderful children grow up that today they didn’t see the time to hug me, who a week ago hide their love letters waiting for my birthday more anxious than anyone» Started in their text
And he followed: «My husband who put so many things in my hands because he knows that I will always be layers of giving my life for all of them.. to my family in Argentina that I miss so much and the number of friends so unique and valuable that they are part of my family and that are scattered throughout all the places where I lived and that I always feel so close.» Finally he wrote: «I am fortunate to have you all Thank you so much unconditional love» And then share the photos of the celebration and work made by your children. 

Original source in Spanish

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