translated from Spanish: Minister Paris expressed his annoyance at controversy with Espacio Riesco and asks them to sign a contract for review by Contraloría

The Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, expressed his annoyance at the criticism of Espacio Riesco and called on them to sign a contract to be reviewed by the Office of the Attorney General.
A new controversy arose this week, after the event center charged the Ministry of Health with a debt of 2.9 billion pesos plus VAT under the agreement to care for patients with covid-19.
In this regard, Minister Paris noted that «here is a controversy that is based on us taking care of public money, if we do not care for them they would also be criticizing us, they would be drawing our attention.»
«Therefore, if the Contraloy rejected the contracts, it returned them and they must obviously be redoed that they must be redoed, so that both parties agree. And once we agree they will be forwarded to the Contraloria,» he added, according to Emol.
The Minsal holder also commented that «yesterday the comptroller (Jorge Bermúdez) was very fair in saying that he has not received the second contract and understands that we are very much working, and he hopes that this will be forwarded to the Comptroller’s Office. But to forward it you have to carry the signature of the Ministry of Health which is already done and the signature of the person who facilitated and leased the Riesco Space and that is not ready today.»
Faced with this situation, Paris said that «I am very surprised that this manager, with whom I met by Zoom by Lobby Law, said that I am not fair or fully fulfills my work, because that affects me deeply, affects my honor and causes me a lot of discomfort, because it creates a sense of insecurity also for the management of the pandemic».
Finally, the secretary of state argued that «I did not negotiate with him, I did not work with him, I listened to him, I respect him and I have tried to help as much as possible so that this situation reaches a solution point, but we have to take care of the public money, if we do not take care of the public money and if the contract is not sent correctly to Contraloria will be rejected again and to send it he has to sign with contract».

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