translated from Spanish: Network of Survivors calls for Prosecutor Armendáriz to come out of causes of sexual abuse: «We are concerned that its proximity to the Catholic Church and its history will affect its work»

«We extend our embrace to his whole family.» This is an excerpt from the statement published this day by the Network of Survivors, who refer to the allegation of sexual abuse suffered by Angelina Armendáriz by her father, Pedro José Armendáriz Elórtegui, who splashes her most famous relative, the prosecutor Xavier Armendáriz, as revealed this day By El Mostrador.
«We embraced Angelina as we embraced her from the day she approached and shared her story with us. We continue to accompany her and we will continue to contribute to end this intolerably much more common scourge in national life than public discourse accepts,» they add.
«We extend our embrace to his whole family and would like today’s publication in The Counter to allow them to meet and heal,» they say.
In this line, they also ask the Prosecutor’s Office to remove Xavier Armendáriz from the causes of abuse. «We are concerned that its proximity to the Catholic Church and its family history will affect its work in the ins and outs of justice – which we have seen – is much harder to achieve when it comes to the powerful,» she says.
«We know that the Church-related ASI does not begin and ends when you leave or enter an ecclesiastical enclosure. Chilean society needs to understand that this debt of truth, justice and reparation is part of broken Chile, which calls for the cries to heal to build a better present and future for our childhoods, those present and also those that inhabit each and every one of us already adults,» they explain.
Finally, they recall that on «international human rights day we reiterate the urgent need to create a Truth Justice and Reparation Commission that serves the thousands of victims and survivors of abuses committed in institutional settings committed in recent decades: State (e.g. SENAME) Catholic Church and other religious institutions, scout groups, private schools, among others.»

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