translated from Spanish: Return the breathalyzer in CDMX with a new way to measure if you drank

The Government of Mexico City will launch the ‘Drive Without Alcohol’ program in the aftergone eras, but this time special health measures will be applied in the face of the COVID pandemic.
The programme starts on Thursday, December 10 and will end on January 6, 2021. As every year, the Ministry of Citizen Security will be in charge of its operation.
The capital government reported that breathalyzers will be installed throughout the City, mainly at points where there is a higher incidence in road accidents.
During the above-noted period, breathalyzers will operate 24 hours a day with recommended health measures to prevent COVID infections.
«The checkpoints will increase in their number throughout the decembrian operation, according to the days of the highest consumption of alcoholic beverages, although the recommendation and call of the authorities is not to hold parties or meetings and stay at home,» the authorities said.
Drivers will no longer blow the cops
Among the preventive changes, the SSC reported that this time the arrest and interview with drivers at the breathalyzer points will be done with healthy distance, use of mouth covers and antibacterial gel by security personnel.
It will also change the way alcohol levels are measured. Now, officers will have a next-generation device called Alcostop, which is a meter in the environment that detects the presence of alcohol levels.
Officers will only bring the Alcostop closer to the car cab, without approaching the driver, and the device will measure whether alcohol levels within the car environment are out of date. If so, the motorist will have to get out of his unit to have an interview and check whether or not he or she consumed alcohol.
The Christmas operation will also involve staff from the Undersecretariat for Transit Control and the Secretariat of Mobility (SEMOVI), as well as members of the Citizen Observatory and the Citizen Council for Security and Justice of Mexico City.
There will also be staff from the SSC Directorate-General for Internal Affairs and Human Rights, and the General Contraloy of the City Government.
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