translated from Spanish: Deputies gave half a penalty to the Plan of a Thousand Days

The Chamber of Deputies approved this morning the Plan of a Thousand Days, with 198 votes in favor, granting half a sanction and turning the project to the Senado.La National Law on Comprehensive Health Care and Care during Pregnancy and Early Childhood, also known as the Plan of the Thousand Days establishes comprehensive protection in the health of pregnant people and their daughters and children up to the age of three. The initiative had unanimously had a favourable opinion on Wednesday at a plenary session of the Social Action and Public Health and Budget and Finance committees, chaired by Ms Pablo Yedlin and Mr Carlos Heller.

Half-sanction to the 1000-day Act: Extends assignments to care for the child in the 1st stage of lifeRight to identity: digital birth certificate and early warning Perinatal programs advocating for the health of pregnant women and niños — Dr. Pablo Yedlin (@pyedlin)
December 11, 2020

Both this project and the voluntary termination of pregnancy, which also won this morning half sanction, had been sent by the Executive Branch on November 17 last. At that time the president of the nation, Alberto Fernández, said that the plan aims to “lower mortality, malnutrition and malnutrition, as well as prevent violence, protecting early bonds, emotional and physical development and the integral health of pregnant people and their sons and daughters until the age of 3 years”.What is the bill like? The plan establishes a new Comprehensive Health Care allowance, which involves paying for a Universal Child Allowance to be realized once a year to help care for each child under the age of three. In turn, it extends the Universal Pregnancy Allowance (AUE), which will go from six monthly payments to nine, and extends the Birth and Adoption payment to persons benefiting from Universal Child Allowance (AUH), who are so far excluded from this benefit. In addition, the project would create, within the scope of the Ministry of Health, an Administrative Coordination Unit that will mainly ensure the coordination and articulation of health, gender, care, transport and case registration policies, which will work to “promote integrality in care” for pregnant people and their children up to three years of age. This area will also promote access to information, design protocols of action and everything related to law enforcement, including the training plan and other tools. The bill also provides for the public and free provision of essential inputs during pregnancy and early childhood, coordinating and expanding existing programmes, such as the provision of essential medicines, vaccines, milk, foods for healthy growth and development in pregnancy and children. Finally, the initiative also calls for the creation of the Early Birth Warning System and the Certificate of Vital Acts to ensure the right to identity of newborn children.
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