translated from Spanish: Invest Chile’s new director’s link to Panama Papers-listed company

Let’s make your next project come true! That is the welcome call of the main page of Invest Chile, the public body that promotes Chile as a destination for foreign direct investment in the global market.
In command of the entity that promotes our country as a destination for foreign direct investment and connects the interests of foreign investors with the business opportunities that Chile offers, President Sebastián Piñera appointed this week Andrés Rodríguez Rowe, a commercial engineer of the PUC and MBA of Harvard, who came to office after a selection process through the System of High Public Management.
The problem with Rodriguez is that with a simple Google search, his name appears linked to Kinko Portfolio Corporation, a company listed within the so-called Panama Papers.
This is the result of reviewing on the page, a website developed by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) which revealed the data of more than 785,000 offshore companies, foundations and trusts of the Panama Papers, Offshore Leaks, Bahamas Leaks and Paradise Papers.
The Panama Papers set off the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca (Mossfon) archives that revealed clients from more than 200 countries and territories – including Chile – to create screen companies in tax havens and jurisdictions with soft tax systems.
In the case of Rodríguez Rowe, there is immediately a doubt that why someone who is mentioned in this thorny topic is appointed as the boss for attracting foreign investments in Chile. Although, the ICIJ’s own disclaimer on its website warns that «there are legitimate uses for offshore companies and trusts», it is worth saying that not because a name appears means that it has violated the law or acted inappropriately.

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