translated from Spanish: Since March in Chile, the search for «sad films» has exploded

If there’s one thing he brought in in 2020, it was an increase in marathon series and movies at home. The pandemic has meant a boom for streaming platforms, including Netflix, which decided to publish the most seen by Chileans this year.
The study, which was conducted based on viewing hours comparing the periods between January and November 2019 and January and November 2020, shows different trends that we had when we turned on television.
Among the big surprises, Korean content was the most explosive, having an increase in Chilean preferences by more than 160% and positioning Cho Il-hyung’s Asian thriller «Vivo» as the most-watched horror film in the country.
Another major increase was interest in the romance genre, with a 145% increase, highlighting tapes such as «The Kiss Stand 2», «To All Boys: P.D. I still love you» and «Princess Exchange 2».
The service also highlighted that the action genre increased by more than 65% with «Rescue Mission», «The Old Guard» and «Project Power» as the most popular tapes.
Lady’s Gambit
Among the data of the platform it was highlighted that since March and April Chileans increased by 65% the search for «sad movies», highlighting the drama «Miracle in Cell 7».
However, since March the searches for «cooking programs» and makeup were also on the rise, highlighting the pastry program «Nailed It!».
Another of the successes of this 2020 was «Gambito de Dama», a miniseries that managed to be the most watched in the history of Netflix, a production that a month after its release was seen in more than 62 million homes and is currently in the top 3 of the most watched in the country.

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