translated from Spanish: WHO: «A celebration can become drama if no precautions are taken»

The Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has warned the population that Christmas celebrations can become a drama if precautions are not taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus. At a press conference, Tedros has pointed to the need to «not relax» in the face of data indicating that transmission of the virus is being reduced, especially in Europe, so it has asked citizens to review their plans this Christmas and take «all necessary measures» to put themselves and everyone else to safety.» This is the best gift that these festivities can give, the gift of health, life, love and hope,» said the leader of the United Nations agency, insisting on the importance of «not let your guard down.» Similarly, the Head of Emerging Diseases and Zoonoses of the World Health Organization (WHO), Maria Van Kerkhove, has spoken, who reiterated the recommendation to stay home, ensure social estating, telework, wear a mask and wash her hands.» One of the great lessons we have learned is that in many countries in Europe the contagion figures in summer were reduced by double digits, and it is something that we can achieve but if we stick to the rules and remain on alert,» he said, to settle by warning that it is «easy to raise a case but it is very difficult to reduce the number of cases».

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