translated from Spanish: women and young people, 4Q vanguard in Michoacán

Morelia; Michoacán.- Women and young people will be protagonists of change and transformation, which will reach the entity of the hand of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to channel the profound and long-term changes, said Carlos Torres Piña, the hope of Michoacán, in the meeting he held this afternoon with both groups.
Women will have access to employment and education opportunities on an equal footing, with a legal framework to protect them from violence, sexual harassment and work, she said.
No more femicides. Violent people will be punished under laws, no more indolence and impunity, because violence against women is the harshest expression of the state’s failure to protect its citizens; therefore, the administration of 4Q will be a government of justice, equality and opportunity, said Torres Piña, who today is the only possibility that indigenous communities have a genuine representative in the next Government of the State of 4Q.
Torres Piña offers that women will be fundamental participants in a unitary government that will be composed of many women prepared, able to hold senior positions, with dedication, innovation, effectiveness and responsibility.
As far as young people were seen, he said that their incorporation at the highest level in political participation and decision-making in public administration was required, Torres Piña said.
 The federal legislator pointed out that generational relevo in politics in Michoacán will be strongly promoted, so that young people are key players in transformation in Michoacán, so they will have the backing to dab in politics, public administration, business, art, science and sport. No more secondary or filler papers.
Torres Piña, has met with different representatives of the economic and social groups, including a large sector of young people with whom he has exchanged, experiences, opinions and proposals of the problems that afflict them such as health, safety, employment and the multiple benefits of the practice of sport, in this regard he has urged them to practice it , as he is a timed downhill mountain biker.

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