translated from Spanish: Aptera reveals the first solar electric car that doesn’t need to be recharged

After several years of development, Aptera Motors introduced the first solar electric car (sEV), which will never require a recharge. One of the questions electric vehicles have been asked is why they don’t integrate solar panels into their roof.
In response, it has been said that they do not generate enough energy to mobilize a car; however, the U.S.-based brand is willing to prove otherwise.

To do this, this new vehicle can be used in most daily activities without the need to recharge, because it has a range of 72 km per day only with the solar energy it stores, without having to plug it in — at least, that ensures the brand.
This model can also be equipped with 100 kWh batteries, which deliver up to 1,600 km for people who need more autonomy.
The curious silhouette of this three-wheeled solar electric car takes advantage of the development of new materials such as lightweight structures, stronger than steel; this achieves a fully aerodynamic model with very little wind resistance.

Photo: Aptera Motors.

To be able to move only with solar energy, the Aptera vehicle integrates 180 small solar panels into the roof and body structure, allowing it to meet the daily needs of a driver.
Among the specifications of this two-seater vehicle also highlights its possibility of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds. Its top speed will be 170 km/h.
The most interesting thing about this announcement is that you’re not talking about a prototype, but about a production model. It will start production in 2021 and can be purchased in four different battery configurations: 100, 60, 40 or 25 kWh. Its price will start from $25,900 to $46,900, and can now be booked.
Source: Forbes

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