translated from Spanish: Closed Palomar airport; ANMAT already works on the vaccine registry; public transport would be expanded for non-essentials and much more…

1. Alberto Fernandez on climate change: «The planet tells us ‘enough'»

The president participated in the Climate Ambition Summit and assured that Argentina will make a «greater commitment» in the fight against climate change. Read on here… 2. ANMAT works on the registration of four vaccines in Argentina

ANMAT must approve the vaccine that the government hopes to apply to citizens as of January. Read on here… 3. Estudiantes sanctioned Fernando Tobio after news in the court case

The expertise showed that the defender drove with more than the maximum alcohol allowed. He’s charged. Read on here… 4. Discuss expanding public transport for non-essential workers

It would continue to be only for workers with new branches who add up and would continue to be prohibited for recreational activities. Read on here… 5. Marcela Morelo: «This repertoire is very important because it marked a moment in my life»

This Sunday, December 13th Marcela Morelo presents the new material through a streaming show, and told philo.News about his expectations. Read on here… 6. Santiago de Chile quarantines weekends due to increased cases

With this tool, the Chilean government hopes to arrive calmly at the New Year’s Eve festivities and summer, in the face of a major uptick in the capital. Read on here… 7. Watch the Red Bull Battle of the Roosters International Final live

This Saturday is the most important event of freestyle. In this note, everything you have to know for the grand final. Read on here…

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