translated from Spanish: Colmed: historic participation marks elections in which Izkia Siches increases advantage over government-like candidate

The high participation in the process of renewing the board of directors of the Medical College, for the period 2020-2023, was again the tonic of the second day of voting, in which the current president of the guild continues to lead the preferences. At 13:00 today, 50% of the electoral roll voted at 13,748 votes, a historical fact that already exceeds the number of total votes in the 2017 election.
According to the partial results, list A “Transforming Junt@s the Colmed”, headed by Dr. Izkia Siches, so far gets 52.7% with 5,931 votes, while list B “More Doctors”, from the doctor close to the government Renato Acuña, reaches 47.3% with 5,324 votes.
“Completed two out of four days of elections, we remain very happy and happy for an election that has really been historic in participation. 50% of voting-enabled colleagues who have already paid for it, which is obviously a historic turnout, with two days left,” said Dr Roberto Estay, president of the Guild’s Department of Health and Studies Policy and candidate for national advisor.
Compared to previous elections, the board of directors led by Izkia Siches has managed to increase the advantage over 600 votes over its contenders, “very good news” in the opinion of Dr. Estay.
But beyond the result, the professional stated that “what we want to highlight most is a Medical College that is very much alive with its instances of participation and hope that, regardless of who is the winner, Colmed will remain very influential and very alive internally in its decisions as is shown in this election process”.
Internal elections at the Medical College began last Thursday and will run until Sunday. About 30,000 doctors are enabled to vote, who can do so online between 9:00 and 18:00 hours.

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