translated from Spanish: Conte confirmed Arturo Vidal’s absence for the duel with Cagliari

Inter Milan coach Antonio Conte, confirmed on Saturday the absence of the national midfielder Arturo Vidal for tomorrow’s engagement against Cagliari, to be played at arena Sardinia and valid for the eleventh date of Serie A 2020-2021.The ‘King’ was already missing the crossing half a week before Shakhtar Donetsk, for the Champions League, so he will add his second match without playing by not being able to fully recover from a thigh ailment Right. Consulted by former Bayern Munich and FC Barcelona, the strata ‘neroazzurro’ stated that «Arturo is out. It has a small muscle problem, but you have to wear it with the best conditions, respecting the times that are not long. But you have to respect them.» Conte also gave he the time to talk about the tough interim elimination in the Champions League. He finished fourth and last in his group, so he won’t be able to play the Europa League either.» Elimination was painful for everyone. We had put the team back on our feet. Morality isn’t in the clouds, it’s okay for pain. We have to get up, we know we have to deal with this match right away,» he said. I understand there’s impatience. But when you start working long-term it’s for the foundation. Then, after the foundations, you can build the skyscraper as the Inter’s reputation deserves. Let’s be united,» he said.

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