translated from Spanish: MEPs call on FGJ CDMX to act against rape ex-member

The 16 members of the Gender Equality Commission of the Federal Chamber of Deputies signed this Friday an urgent call to the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City (FGJ CDMX) to act in the case of former localist Manuel Horacio Cavazos López, who has been charged with rape against his own daughters for a year and three months.
“Due to the seriousness of the complaint, we urge that the investigation stage be advanced and concluded, and where appropriate, the provenance of the linkage to trial before the Judge of Control is determined, establishing precautionary measures, in accordance with applicable law. It is essential that the state endorses its commitment to ensure non-impunity in cases of sexual violence against girls, adolescents and women,” the legislators said.
The pronouncement published by commission chairwoman Wendy Briceño Zuloaga noted that if the authorities do not take the necessary steps to ensure that children have prompt, expeditious and impartial justice, from a gender perspective, it will be a revictimization of those who have already been violated by their physical, psychological and emotional integrity because they have been victims of sexual violence.

— Wendy BriceñoZuloaga (@wzuloag) December 11, 2020

“After a year of uninterrupted therapy, (girls) continue to narrate the aberrations committed by their parent and institutional violence does not cease, both in the criminal and family spheres,” the document said.
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It was claimed that there is no progress even though there is presumably evidence of sexual violence, such as psychological expertise and a medical opinion. But the main thing is the testimony of minors, given before the Public Prosecutor’s Office, public and private experts, specialists from the Center for Therapy to Support Victims of Sexual Crimes (CTA) of the Public Prosecutor’s Office itself, and before the Association for the Integral Development of Violated Persons (Adivac).
The Second Executioner: The State
The case was released by Animal Politics last January, when Cavazos entered a process to be ratified in office in a lifetime. Although eventually the Congress of Mexico City decided to reject it.
It was denied on the ground that it did not have the good reputation required, the CI-FDS/FDS-6/UI-FDS-6-02/19270/09-2019 investigation folder remains unsealed or judicialized, in which case it would involve automatic pre-trial detention.
“It is not possible that instead of finding justice, they may encounter a second executioner, the state,” he lamented.
The MPs’ call is second this week asking the PROSECUTION to act. Last Tuesday, feminist collective 50+1 also issued a public pronouncement with up-to-date case data.
The collective requested that, taking into account the best interests of children and a true gender perspective, the issue should be judicialized already, after a year without progress.
“Let us be sensitive to these rooted and normalized violence in our society. Let us not allow girls who have the strength and courage to raise their voices, and also have to face a system that, far from protecting them, becomes a second aggressor, institutionally violent and depriving them of their rights, mainly access to justice,” he added.

We call on the @FiscaliaCDMX to prosecute the case of the formermagist Manuel Cavazos López and to properly address the best interests of children and victims to have access to justice.
Let us not allow violence and impunity to be normalized.
— 50+1CDMX (@50mas1CDMX) December 8, 2020

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