translated from Spanish: Presents his book Sergio Jacobo entitled ‘Comparative Politics’

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Local MP Sergio Jacobo Gutiérrez yesterday gave the presentation of his comparative political book, which has the firm objective of giving students, teachers and citizens in general a panoramic view of what Mexican politics is with the rest of the world. The presentation took place in the lobby of the Teatro Ingenio, before representatives and experts in the political matter of the town.
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As commentators of the book, Tomás Chávez Salomón and Jaime Chávez Sanjuán, as well as Marissa López López, served. 

In interview, Sergio Jacobo explained that in this book they seek to clarify certain concepts that are sometimes not rigorous in use even in academia, on the political subject.
In this work we address issues related to democracy, transitions to democracy, political parties, electoral systems, electoral behavior, and what we are trying to do is present the most advanced knowledge in this area.

It indicated that the material presented broadly addressed the comparative method and demonstrated how it had been used to compare the world’s political systems. The aim is to establish a comparative framework of political systems that serves students, teachers and society at large. 

Original source in Spanish

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