translated from Spanish: A doctor gained more than half a million pesos in Guido Kaczka’s program

Guido Kaczka’s program, “Welcome to Board,” was renewed in October and premiered the game “The Wall of Fortune” and Bruno Spinassi, a traumatologist working at Pirovano Hospital, managed to make a fortune this Friday. The doctor, a father of three, overcaly the game that faced a grid of 20 panels – each hiding a number – and trying to guess whether the figure that followed him was higher or lower. Freed at random.

So far, no one had won this challenge until the traumatologist overcate 16 lockers and being so close to the ultimate goal, Guido analyzed, “This is harder than kicking four penalties, because you don’t know where the goalkeeper is. If it’s played right, left, or stays in the middle standing for you to grab the ball.” Almost inadvertently, he pass all the tests and as he had already won $60,000 the studio exploded with joy: “Very hard! Bruno Spinassi! Congratulations! That’s nice, Bruno. Those wet eyes. You’re sensitive, Bruno. That’s nice, Dad. That’s nice. The pyrovano traumatologist, 560 thousand pesos! Half a million on the wall and the 60 grand you’ve already won.”

The winner responded in tears: “”I have no words. Thank you all, it was a very difficult year for everyone. Thank you,” while Guido closed the broadcast with a reflection: “It was a very difficult year and any emotion makes us think of this new, weird life, this thing we don’t understand. To try to find us a little. Enjoy it with your family. You’ve got it super deserved.”

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