translated from Spanish: CDMX gives new restrictions for coVID priority colonies

In the face of increased contagion, Mexico City announced new measures in coVID-19’s 200 priority care colonies, including the closure of establishments at 5 p.m. and the recall of food sales on public roads.
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Through a statement, the capital government noted that the use of water cover and health measures in all economic activities, as well as intervention in the tianguis, where only takeaways will be allowed to be sold.
This week 34 new colonies were incorporated:
Santa Fe (U HAB) – Alvaro Obregón
Olivar del Conde 1st Section I – Alvaro Obregón
San Juan Tlihuaca (PBLO) – Azcapotzalco
Narvarte I – Benito Juarez
Christmas (Christmas Farms) – Cuajimalpa de Morelos
Worker I – Cuauhtémoc
San Rafael II – Cuauhtémoc
Saint Philip of Jesus II – Gustavo A. Madero
San Juan de Aragón (PBLO) – Gustavo A. Madero
Gertrude Sánchez 3rd section – Gustavo A. Madero
New Tenochtitlan – Gustavo A. Madero
Saint Philip of Jesus III – Gustavo A. Madero
Chalma de Guadalupe I – Gustavo A. Madero
La Forestal – Gustavo A. Madero
Campestre Aragon I – Gustavo A. Madero
Campestre Aragon II – Gustavo A. Madero
German Houses (AMPL) II – Gustavo A. Madero
Squad 201 – Iztapalapa
Guadalupe del Moral – Iztapalapa
Cuauhtémoc – La Magdalena Contreras
El Rosal La – Magdalena Contreras
Tlaxpana – Miguel Hidalgo
San Pedro Atocpan (PBLO) – Milpa Alta
Los Olivos – Tláhuac
San Jose – Tláhuac
La Draga – Tláhuac
San Andrés Mixquic (PBLO) – Tláhuac
Santa Cecilia – Tláhuac
Las Arboledas – Tláhuac
The Station – Tláhuac
Lomas de Padierna I – Tlalpan
Lomas de Padierna II – Tlalpan
Pedregal de San Nicolás 3rd sec. – Tlalpan
St. Thomas Ajusco (PBLO) – Tlalpan
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On the other hand, the colonies that will no longer belong to the program are as follows:
Lomas de Chamontoya – Alvaro Obregón
Jalalpa – Alvaro Obregón
Rose Mill – Alvaro Obregón
Alfonso XIII – Alvaro Obregón
Olivar del Conde II section I – Alvaro Obregón
Independence – Benito Juarez
Naples – Benito Juarez
Portals Oriente – Benito Juarez
Nonoalco – Benito Juarez
Portals II – Benito Juarez
Letrán Valle – Benito Juarez
San Pedro Cuajimalpa (PBLO) – Cuajimalpa de Morelos
Warrior IV – Cuauhtémoc
Buenavista II – Cuauhtémoc
Nonoalco-Tlatelolco (U HAB) I – Cuauhtémoc
Nonoalco-Tlatelolco (U HAB) II – Cuauhtémoc
Morelos I – Cuauhtémoc
Doctors V – Cuauhtémoc
Former Peralvillo Racecourse – Cuauhtémoc
Peralvillo II – Cuauhtémoc
Pantitlán V – Iztacalco
Farms Mexico I – Iztacalco
Farms Mexico II – Iztacalco
Tlacotal Ramos Millán – Iztacalco
Infonavit Iztacalco (U HAB) I – Iztacalco
Vicente Guerrero Super Manzana 6 (UHAB) – Iztapalapa
Lomas de San Bernabé (AMPL) – La Magdalena Contreras
Pensil San Juanico – Miguel Hidalgo
The Texcaltenco – Tlalpan Ovens
Balbuena II Garden – Venustiano Carranza
Balbuena III Garden – Venustiano Carranza
Bath Rock – Venustiano Carranza
San Lorenzo Atemoaya (PBLO) – Xochimilco
San Andrés Ahuayucan (PBLO) – Xochimilco
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